Located in Lismore on the North Coast of NSW, The Audio Room is unique. Do not expect flashing lights and sales gimmicks in a pretentious showroom, patrolled by suited sales sharks. Being dedicated analogue, two-channel devotees, we offer advice, not a sales pitch.

While musical taste is subjective, sound quality is not. We share what we have learned through listening, demystifying the process of assessing equipment. Ultimately, we will show you how to make an informed decision using your own ears, not just the numerical jargon on a specs sheet. Remember, it’s all about notes, not numbers!


If you seek the thrill of having your favourite records give you goosebumps, where the turntable has the guitar strumming, the amplifier has voices singing with emotion and the loudspeakers drumming like they’re from Africa; if you want the hair on the back of your neck to prickle, if you want to be excited about going home so you can play another record, if you want your heart in your throat with the happiness, if you want to lose track of time and play LP’s ’til 4 in the morning, if you want a voracious appetite for more music ….. call us for a chat. You could plug in an external phono stage, maybe upgrade your cartridge or just find some amazing cables and interconnects. We can make it happen. We have been making it happen for people all over Australia for decades!