As a child of the 80s Phil spent his formative years on the other side of the planet in West Country Devon, England. Growing up listening to groups like David Bowie, Genesis, and Dire Straits on his parents’ records, he was doomed to become a vinyl junkie. Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds was an early favourite and Phil spent many nights sitting in a darkened living room listening intently.

In the early 90s his father, a master glassblower by trade, was given the opportunity to work in Australia with local glass artist Colin Heaney, so the whole family upped stumps and moved to Mullumbimby. During the mid 90s, at the peak of all-ages gigs, Phil began attending concerts and festivals and inspired by the whole music scene, bought his first Bass Guitar.

By 2001, Phil had left home and moved to Coffs Harbour. There, whilst apprenticing as a chef he began playing bass with a number of local original acts. Over the next 6 years he played on a few independent releases and decided that working in music production mightn’t be a bad career.

In 2008 Phil commenced studying a Bachelor of Contemporary Music majoring in production at Southern Cross University’s Lismore Campus. He soon found himself manning mixing consoles and working behind the scenes at concerts and music festivals both locally and interstate. As part of the job, he began to learn the hands-on technical side, repair and maintenance of equipment to keep the show rolling. With a thirst for knowledge and handy with a soldering iron, pretty soon he was building his own electronics, all the while amassing gear to start up his own PA and Portable Recording business.

After a 5 year stint at Dicksmith Electronics in Lismore, Phil landed at the Audio Room and so the musical shenanigans continue!

phil 001
Photos by Mia Zapata